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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

May 25, 2018

It’s “TOW Nana Dies Twice” and Ross is on muscle relaxants, so we’re drinking Painkillers!

FOOD: Nutmeg nuggets are the way to go. Oh, the trials of trying to cook ramen in the microwave (dehydrated carrots), Elizabeth won’t settle for anything less than THE chopstick-fork-knife thingees, Gellers don’t know they’re Jewish yet so they eat ham, classic break room fare

FASHION: Brown is the new … brown. Rachel channels her inner baby in a denim bib. Country Rachel. Rachel channels Ben Franklin - when did Colonial become sexy? Monica backslides into brown and grey (NOT a law firm). Science Boy makes a secret guest appearance, and Phoebe makes us want cake. Joey wears a ginormous sweater but it’s okay because he’s really nice in real life.

FUN: It’s official -- we’re in apartment 20! We’re putting it out there: We will go on a Warner Bros. studio tour with Ellen. The joys of dead people and our worst fears. Attention whippersnappers: Learn about “punching the clock,” giant portable televisions, and “gaydar” (aka pre-Grindr). Laughing at funerals. And through tears. And in general. Because life.