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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Jun 15, 2018

It's TOW Mrs. Bing, so we figured we'd capture the romance of roses, the kick of kung pao chicken, and the tongue-loosening power of tequila in this week's cocktail!

SIGNATURE BEVERAGE: Rosa Picante Margarita -

FOOD: Cancer popcorn. Fancy salts. Dirty tequila. Dirtier guacamole. Angry ham sandwiches.

FASHION: Rachel’s got huge … buttons. Phoebe’s appropriating culture. Joey’s trapped in turtlenecks. We reclaim the ribbed tank top.

FUN: Sweet and spicy cats. Niffles, beasts, and throbbing pens. The thought of first class makes Elizabeth cry (thanks, tequila!). FRIENDS makes everything better.

IG | HM: @handbagmarinara | EB: @takeonelizabeth | HD: @shoelove365

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