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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

May 1, 2020

S04E02 - TOW the Cat

EB "Good Place" Swears: 3

HD "Good Place" Swears: 0

Signature Beverage: Orange Julio

00:00:32 — What the heck happened in New York?

00:02:18 — Speaking of which, don’t forget to donate to our mental health fundraiser!

00:10:11 — The writers have a weird way of reminding us that Ross has a son

00:12:48 — Heather does some excellent shopping bag-prop detective work!

00:20:39 — The absolute MAGIC of fake cat paws!

00:21:48 — Wait … is this the same cat that was on Frasier?

00:29:13 — Cutting the bottom off of fruits and veggies to give them more stability

00:30:40 — If Phoebe’s dead mom knew that she wasn’t her birth mom, why is Phoebe hiding the birth mom from her dead cat-mom?

00:40:50 — Did Joey get Tiger Kinged?

00:43:58 — Heather does a serious investigation of the make and model of Chip’s motorcycle, and whether it would realistically be his motorcycle from high school!

00:45:15 — We break down the character of Chip Matthews: High School Jock Who Peaked in 1985

00:46:38 — Back in 1997, you had to try really hard to stay in touch with high school friends (no Facebook)

00:56:13 — Once again, we tread carefully around the line between being a good friend and overstepping your role

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