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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Oct 4, 2019

We're back! After an unexpected hiatus (hello, Life), we're back to review TOW Phoebe's Ex-Partner, and we're drinking Ginger's Smoky Wooden Legs in honor of the woman Chandler (briefly) dates! Well, Heather's drinking it. Elizabeth's went terribly, terribly wrong...

This week, Phoebe's ex-singing partner Leslie (aka Tommy Pickles) comes back into Phoebe's life, but will she be able to set aside her jingle-writing ways to be Phoebe's friend again? As we mentioned, Chandler dates Ginger, who has a wooden leg -- a revelation that's no surprise to Joey... And in other news, can Ross accept that Rachel's professional life doesn't include him? (We'll give you one guess...)

We also discuss Twin Peaks, annoying technology, appropriate pajamas for the bustier women out there, windshield shades that alert drivers to call 911, Gilligan's Island, and how Chandler looks an awful lot like ... Michael Keaton.