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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Feb 20, 2020

S03E24 - TOW the Ultimate Fighting Champion

00:01:00 - We introduce “Good Place” rules for swearing

00:04:41 - Signature Beverage: The Ultimate Fighting Champagne

00:09:38 - Robin Williams and Billy Crystal guest start in the cold open, promoting their new movie, Father’s Day

00:11:45 - Robin Williams is a heartbreaking example of how you never really know what someone’s going through

00:15:00 - What did Heather do with her leftover Yoo-Hoo from last week’s signature beverage?

00:18:13 - Would Heather stand for a fishhook?

00:23:01 - Chandler experiences sexual harassment literally at the hand of his boss, Doug!

00:24:00 - Elizabeth sums up what the #MeToo movement means to her

00:29:57 - Elizabeth learned how to make an Old Fashioned and this might be the worst best news ever

00:30:41 - What is it with men banging their bodies together to show excitement during sports games??

00:36:02 - Guest star James Hong plays Hoshi, Pete’s trainer!

00:40:45 - Why Bonnie’s hair couldn’t have grown that much in two years’ time

00:45:15 - We don’t know if we’re more scared for Pete’s first fight, or for the giant beverage that we’re pretty sure Ross is about to drop

00:49:01 - How Pete wanting to fast-track his training made Elizabeth think of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers

00:51:23 - Elizabeth watched the balcony grilling scene over and over to figure out what was on Ross’s apron

00:52:00 - There are few things sexier than a man in a slightly tousled button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up


01:0057 - Doug was actually cool about it when Chandler confronted him about the butt-slapping

01:07:11 - We totally understand why sometimes, when someone is hurting themselves, you have to say goodbye

01:11:42 - Whatever happened to Pete?

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