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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Feb 12, 2021

S04 E22 - TOW the Worst Best Man Ever

Signature Beverage: Teaquila Party

00:04:55 — We finally say buh-bye to Bonerz

00:07:40 — Do you remember Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk and Stomp?

00:12:20 — A very problematic message on the MagnaDoodle

00:17:00 — A tequila-fueled tangent about bachelor parties and wedding showers

00:20:48 — Baby showers - especially painful for the childfree

00:23:00 — The blue dog painting is back, and Heather has figured out exactly which blue dog it is!

00:25:45 — ZIMA! The malt beverage addition to the clear craze of the mid-90s

00:33:25 — Would Phoebe really want leather pants?

00:39:55 — Bachelor party decor; some makes sense, but we don’t understand the underwater creatures…

00:44:42 — Props to the acting commitment of Dinosaur Dude #1

00:56:05 — HR alert! Chandler invited the stripper to his office?!

00:58:00 — Monica and Rachels’ outfits gave Heather a stroke

01:00:35 — Why do people in TV/movies boil water when someone is about to give birth?

01:02:05 — What “book” did Phoebe mean for them to get?

01:04:10 — Matt LeBlanc completely breaks after a funny Ross moment

01:05:50 — We calculate what the stripper’s income would’ve been back then, and adjust for inflation to figure out what it would be now!

01:13:08 — The DVDs have a completely different hot close than the network version — and it includes Emily!

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