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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Dec 27, 2019

Signature beverage: Tootsie Roll-OJ-Bev

80-pack of Tootsie Pops on Amazon

01:46 -- Elizabeth’s inadvertently sexy way of eating Tootsie Roll Pops and Hershey Kisses

09:22 -- Pete isn’t mentioned at all in this episode; did he and Monica break up last week or not?

11:46 -- Kraft Parmesan — apprehension about whether or not it’s actually cheese, and some fond memories of covering our pizza with it

12:48 -- Newman’s Own Mushroom Trio pizza

14:44 -- Why do we have to suddenly be sorry when terrible people die?

19:12 -- What is a Rolodex?

Joe Boxer

22:12 -- THANKSgiving vs. ThanksGIVing — how do you say it?

27:25 -- QVC is helping Elizabeth’s fashion vocabulary!

33:50 -- Not fans of the Joey/Kate storyline, but we’ll cover it because it’s there

36:00 -- Teeny tiny porno magazines

37:08 -- Dollhouse at the NYC pop-up

40:39 -- Heather won’t say “bitch,” so Elizabeth is screwed when it comes to getting a wholesome job

43:42 -- Satin pillowcases — worth it?

44:53 -- A note about our alcohol consumption

46:45 -- A repeated conversation about dating from Season 1!

49:00 -- Rachel’s TERRIBLE pantsuit

49:58 -- Rachel’s HR nightmare

51:30 -- How this episode gave us a lifelong fear of mascara goop

52:10 -- David Schwimmer’s amazing physical comedy in the dollhouse-burning scene!

53:48 -- Joey gets Joeyed — they’ve slept together, but Kate isn’t returning his feelings!

56:48 -- The aftermath of the fire — “The foster puppets!”

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