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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

S04 E22 - TOW Ross’s Wedding (Part One)

Signature Beverage: London Calling

00:02:07 — Lisa Kudrow gave birth the day this originally aired

00:07:00 — Elizabeth is a Monica when traveling; Heather has a very different approach

00:11:35 — Heather is a veritable Mary Poppins with her giant bag chock-full of possibly necessary items

00:15:17 — We really wish Ross had respected Rachel’s “No” sooner

00:17:45 — Do you kiss non-lovers on the lips?

00:21:05 — We reminisce about visiting London and emphasize how great it is to WALK there

00:23:15 — The cast and crew stayed at the London Marriott, Grosvenor Square — great location! (Note: Elizabeth misspeaks and says Fortnum & Mason is on Oxford Street; the location she was thinking of is the Piccadilly Street location)

00:38:10 — We love how the construction workers are gingerly placing the bricks into their wheelbarrows so as not to make a sound!

00:39:05 — Deleted Scene Number One: Chandler and Joey sightseeing in London (we see a little of this in the closing credits)

00:40:00 — WESTMINSTER ABBEY, BABY! Elizabeth’s loving tangent about how awesome it is

00:48:15 — Deleted Scene Number Two: Monica’s getting fitted for her bridesmaid dress; she and Emily discuss postponing the wedding.

00:54:40 — Richard Branson’s cameo role

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