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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Apr 13, 2018

If Carol gets a juice box at the end of “TOW the Sonogram,” then we get to sip on (adult) juice (wine) boxes while we talk about the episode, right?

FOOD: We discuss our chosen wines (including bougie wine descriptions), lackluster lasagna, a shortage of adequate curry props, and (apparently) free juice boxes at the OB/GYN.

FASHION: We notice that The Rachel is in its pupal stage, there’s denim galore (overalls, Ashley Graham, Ross’s shirt), Monica’s look morphs from “Momica” to “Cater Waiter,” and … WTF are culottes and palazzo pants?

FUN: Gunther and Ugly Naked Guy make their debut, there’s an Ugly Naked Guy/Three’s Company connection, and we ponder 70s smiley faces, feminists in short skirts, quacking speculums, and how Monica and her mom both know He-Man.