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Handbag Marinara: A FRIENDS Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

S04 E17 - TOW the Free Porn

Signature Beverage: Triple Toblerone

  • In re-airings in the UK, they edited out the images from the guys’ TV
  • Ron Jeremy makes a sort-of guest appearance!
  • By the way, DO NOT do a Google search to try to find out what movie this scene is from, unless you want to seem some very racy internet content!
  • Are all these mentions of porn going to ruin our SEO?
  • Yes, sour cream does make everything taste better. It’s the dairy equivalent of bacon!
  • We (two women who have never birthed babies) speculate about whether giving birth to three babies really is similar to giving birth to one
  • The purity and innocence of Frank Jr. pursuing his dream of working on refrigerators
  • Our personal stories of saying “I love you” and having to wait a while (months?) for a reciprocal “I love you”

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  • “Pornifying” the names of mainstream movies
  • How does Joey suddenly know geography so well?
  • We tweeted a GIF from this episode to Dan Rather
  • Heather tells us about her experience selling Cutco knives (like Phoebe tried to do)
  • The travel-time and time-of-day in NYC vs. London timelines in this episode are REALLY wonky